Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back to Ohio, No baby yet!

I was with Kelly and her family on Friday and Saturday. Kelly was sick, turned out she had food poisoning. When she recovered, it was quick! Thankfully.

On Saturday Evelyn had cheerleading for pee wee football. The cheerleaders and the football team are all first graders. They are all adorable! Cheerleaders were so cute, such darling little girls! In this picture, Evie is on the top of the "heap"!

This photo is Kelly, Nathan with his juice and Scott.

Mama Kelly and Anna, makin' faces! --->

Mama & Anna ... See how Kelly's dropping?
I came home Saturday evening. Kelly is still in labor, but as of right now, no word! ;)

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  1. Gee....that doesn't look like bedrest to me. I thought she was sent home on bedrest. No? Glad the wee one is still cookin'.


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