Saturday, September 26, 2009

Monumental week filled with blessings

Today is a rainy day. I like rainy days once in a while. In northeastern Ohio we get a lot of cloudy days, living near Lake Erie lends itself to that. But today it is rainy, lots of rain, but no thunder and lightening. I must admit, I like those days, too. Just something comforting in a rainy day or thunderstorm. Weird? I don't know, it's just me.

A couple of monmental things happened this week. Hadley Rose learned to walk on her own last weekend. We saw her and her momma and dada on Thursday. She is such a little peanut, to see her walking was very emotional. She totters back and forth, sometimes waving her arms and being silly. It was very sweet.

On Friday morning, I received a call from Evelyn about 7:20 a.m. at work. She was sobbing. When she told me why, it was cause she was missing me. She had had a dream that I was sleeping in her bed, but I had to leave and couldn't say goodbye. We talked for a while and she settled down a bit. It was so sweet and heartwrenching. I love that little girl. She fills my heart with such love.

Each of my grandchildren holds a special place in my heart. Evelyn was the first and she is such a sweet and loving child. The twins, Anna and Nathan are so much fun. They are so much alike, yet so different. Anna's mama and dada tell me she's bad (wink). She has a little devil in her, that's for sure, but she is a sweet and loving child. Little Nathan is such a sweet boy. He's been through a lot in his little life...he was allergic to milk and it was so hard on him. The doctors never figured it out, but when his mama did...boy that little guy feels soooo much better. He is a lover. He knows what he wants, that's for sure. I guess all of my grandchildren do. Hadley is the first child for my second daughter and her husband. She was born with some difficulties, but you would never know it. She had come through brain surgery with flying colors and she is right on track developmentally.

Both of my daughters are pregnant, bringing into the world more children for me to love. I know it's hard to be pregnant sometimes, but it is one of the most-wonderful times of their lives. Kelly's due any time now, come tomorrow she's 36 weeks. Jennifer is still in the nausea stage of pregnancy, she is due in mid to late April.

All I can say is I'm blessed. I have two wonderful daughters and they picked great sons-in-law for me. God is good. He leads us through our trials; if we let Him, He handles the worry for us. I've had to learn this the hard way, but I truly know that He is in charge.

May God bless us all and keep us in His loving embrace.


  1. Amen, and Amen!

    I just love getting to know your family!

  2. Kids and grandkids.....what blessings we both have in having them! They're all so wonderful and so special. Hugs.


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