Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This & that + a little

Ok, let me start by saying I'm feeling better and going back to work tomorrow. I came down with a bug while visiting the "Pittsburgh Grandkids and family" last Saturday. We had planned to spend the night, but I got the chills and the achey breaky muscles and we returned home. While I was there I had a good time. Those kids (all of 'em) are so danged cute!!

Secondly, the outfits are done. I was making outfits for the twins' birthday. Things didn't work out well and they didn't get done. Let me sum it up by saying NOTHING went well in this endeavor. They ARE done and they are really CUTE, so all is well.

I'll take some pictures of them tomorrow and post, but for tonight I'm going to pass.

We're going to Pittsburgh this weekend, too, so I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that the "bugs" stay away from me! I don't wanna get sick anymore.

And on a really happy note...HAPPY 8th ANNIVERSARY, KELLY AND SCOTT!\


  1. I am glad you are feeling better. Its nice to be home from work, but would be nicer if you felt like doing something fun.

  2. Ouch, getting sick while away is no fun. And it happens to me almost every time I travel. Once we went to a medical retreat in Louisville KY and I started feeling ill while we were driving. By the next morning I had pneumonia and was almost too sick to ride back to Indiana but hubby got me home and I ended up in the hospital. Connie

  3. oh, no, getting sick on a trip is miserable! hope nobidy else gets it.

    can't wait to see the little outfits! I admire anybody who make clothing, I am zipper and button impaired! tee hee


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