Friday, January 12, 2018

The cook

Our meteorologists have been forecasting a very bad winter storm for today.  School was cancelled and this morning the temperature was 57F, but the prediction was dropping temperatures, rain that turns into freezing rain, then snow.  It all came to fruition.  In anticipation of the storm, yesterday I went to the store and picked up some groceries.  We are still not feeling very well, but I am doing better than Rick is.  I decided that beef stew sounded good and comforting.    I picked up groceries so that we will have home cooked and comfort food while we are huddled in our home, getting well and staying away from people who are sick.  We don't need more illness in this house.

Image result for free clip art for cooking stew potI've made beef stew for years, but I've never written down the recipe.  I looked on and saw a recipe that used roasted vegetables.  Sounded awfully good, since I absolutely love roasted veggies.  I cut up carrots, celery and onion and roasted them for about 45 minutes while I got the beef ready.  Once I dredged the beef in flour, browned it and let it cook slowly till the meat was tender, I added the roasted vegetables and let that simmer.  I put biscuits in the oven and added potatoes to the stew.  Half an hour later, dinner was ready.  It tasted great and Rick ate well.  We have enough stew for two more meals!

I also bought two rotisserie chickens and boned them when I got home.  I have a bag of chicken bones, skin and celery, carrots and onion to make a rich broth.  The chicken is in a separate bag to be used for soup and for creamed chicken and biscuits later this weekend.  I also picked up some stuffed shells that will make a pretty easy and delicious meal for later, too.

I sure hope Rick starts feeling better, I worry so about him when he is sick.  Winter is a difficult season for him to deal with, he gets very "down" and I can't seem to help him.

NOTE:  This photo is not my stew, just a stock photo that I found online.

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