Thursday, July 23, 2009

A first for Hadley and Evie's 4th day of vacation...

Today we had a first! Hadley took her FIRST steps and they happened from Mimi to Papa!! Three of them! Her mama was standing right there, but she was watching Evelyn and missed them. Not to worry though, because a few minutes later she took a step from Mimi to Mama. Hurray for Hadley!

There was vacation baking today! Nona (Jennifer) came and brought the recipe for a great cake for Evie and her to make. They whipped it up...Evie cracked the eggs...and they popped the cake into the oven. One oil had turned icky, rancid. Of course we didn't know it, so the cake had to go into the garbage. It was a beautiful bundt cake. BAH! My girls had a great time in my kitchen, though...see?

So, Papa and Evie baked a cake!! New oil and all is well! See how much fun they are having??? Add to the fun, Evie got to lick the beaters...see the chocolate face??!

Evie's tucked soundly into bed with visions of visiting the zoo tomorrow. Nightnight!


  1. Awww, she looks so grown up in those pictures! I'm starting to really miss my girl! It looks like you all are having a GREAT time, though!

    Hooray for Hadley!!

  2. Sounds like an exciting day around there. Too bad about the cake....all that work in the garbage.

  3. Sounds like you are all having fun! Yum. A bunt cake! Congratulations to Hadley.


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