Sunday, July 5, 2009

Help...I need you

I need a and am hoping you (now don't look behind you like I'm not talking to YOU) can help me.

My niece Kathy is turning 40 this month. The party invitation says "no gifts, please" but if you're going to celebrate a birthday, there have got to be some presents.

My sister has been helping Kathy organize her office/sewing room. For Kathy's wedding a few years ago I made her a wall hanging out of neutrals (cream, brown, white on white, etc.) and it's hanging in this room. I asked my sister what other colors are in this room, and sis tells me that there needs to be COLOR in this room as it's almost all neutrals.

I'd like to make a small wall hanging for this room, but I have absolutely no idea of what. I think I've given a little thought to free-form letters and doing her name kind of like Lazy Gal Tonya does. I'm leaning toward really bright, but I haven't had the idea that makes you scream...

Can you give me some direction? With all the inspiration you've given me, I'm hoping you can come through and inspire me toward the perfect gift.

I'm counting on you!


  1. How about a Wonky Log Cabin pattern as I posted in my May 20th post. As long as you neutralize it with black and whites you can use all sorts of wild fabrics. is so easy to do.

  2. 40 Years - that's a milestone. Maybe you should do something to relate to the big 40. I think Needled Mom's idea sounds good too. If I get an inspiration - I'll be back!


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