Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rainy day, no walk this morning.

I got my hair done today...MUCH overdue! My hairdresser does a great's a picture of my new do...

I love her work. Her demeanor is a bit on the rough side, I guess you'd say "blunt".

While getting my new do selected, she got kind of, oh, I don't know...just huffy. I decided I would stop going to her, but then she did such a nice job on my hair...what's a girl to do??!

Anyway, I set up my next appointment and told myself she didn't have to be my friend, she did my hair. Period.

Cris is coming this afternoon and I've got to do a little "bunny run" through the house.


  1. You are right she did a great job on your hair. Oh the sacrifices we make for beauty.


  2. Yes....what's a girl to do???? I vote for sticking with her attitude as the hair looks great.

  3. I love the do. You might as well stay with her as long as you are OK with it. I recently changed stylists and it wasn't an easy decision and I hate that leaving the former one may have created hurt feelings, but I still changed.


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