Monday, July 20, 2009

Look who's come to visit!

Yep, it's our Evie!!

We picked her up in's halfway between our homes and her mama brought her to meet us! Hugs were exchanged, smiles shared and goodbyes said as the "Vacation Girl" came home with Mimi and Papa for several days.

When we arrived at home, her motorcycle was all charged up and we drew part of a town in the driveway and our "Motorcycle Mama" was racing around the driveway with Gracie chasing after her, barking and being silly, too!

After a bit of that, Evie was ready to tackle a sewing project! We dug into my fleece bin and she chose the fabric you see. The other side is solid red. She loves sewing and we had a great time. Even though it's all safety-pinned together yet, part of the sewing is done. (I reminded her that this wouldn't be a one-day project, we would work on it for a few days.)

A few "Scooby Snacks" and a glass of milk are being enjoyed on her new blanket and that should hold her until dinner. While we were in sewing heaven her tummy was grumbling!!!


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