Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vacation with Ev, day 2

Day two of Miss Evie's vacation starred a fishing expedition!
After going on a worm-finding hunt with Papa, drinks, tissues, hand wipes, drinks, camera, and assorted necessities were packed and off we went to Kathy and David's house to fish in their lake. Gracie got to go along, too. She had a great time sniffing around and got to get real close to the herd of cattle that's there.
Below are pictures of the day. Kathy, Cris, Joey and Nathan came down to visit with us and have some fun! Evie got to fish, hold worms, pretend to eat a worm and have a great time. Papa was in charge of baiting and removing fish from the hook, of course.

We made plans to go horseback riding later in the day, but Evie's tummy was giving her trouble, so we will have to reschedule.
It's so much fun to have her with us.

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