Saturday, July 25, 2009

More exciting news & Evie's 5th day of vacation!

What fun we are having! On our way to the Akron Zoo (while we were in line at McDonald's drive thru for breakfast), we called Evie's mom. Mom is missing her sweet Evie! Anna was on the phone, too, and Mama had her look at a picture book she made for the twins. When she saw my picture and said "Mimi"!!! That was the first time I've heard her say my name!! Kelly said she says "Papa", too, but we'll have to wait to hear that.

Evie ate pancakes and sausage with chocolate milk as we drove to the zoo. We met Nona and Hadley at the zoo. Here's a photo of us when we first arrived. (Papa was taking the picture.)

Here evie is a penguin!

Evie in front of the Lemur.

Condor wings!
Crossing the rope bridge!

Papa and Hadley!
Ev climbing the wallat the jellyfish exhibit!

Riding the zoo train!


Nona, Hadley & Evie!

Mimi, Hadley & Evie!

We had a lot of fun. Ev loved the jellyfish and she has always liked the flamingoes. This visit the flamingoes were showing off...splashing and chasing each other! We saw a swan doing an arabisque! The leopard had babies and they were playing with each other...they were silly! We saw bats...eww!!
After our visit at the zoo, we went to visit Papa's friend, Pete. We had a Coke on the patio and talked for a while. Pete always gives Evie a little something...this time it was $20!
Then we came home, had a little lunch and rested for a bit. Evelyn rested while Mimi and Papa took a little nap. She got to ride her motorcycle and then we met Nona, Todd and Hadley for dinner at Dontinos. Hadley was silly and was showing off her fun side! Evie had a great time playing with Hadley while she had a little pizza.
On the way home, we stopped at the playground and played on the monkey bars, slides and the swings. When we got home we played a game of baseball on the Wii! Then it was time for cuddling, snuggling and a call to Mom and Dad to say goodnight.

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