Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rainy day, no walk this morning.

I got my hair done today...MUCH overdue! My hairdresser does a great's a picture of my new do...

I love her work. Her demeanor is a bit on the rough side, I guess you'd say "blunt".

While getting my new do selected, she got kind of, oh, I don't know...just huffy. I decided I would stop going to her, but then she did such a nice job on my hair...what's a girl to do??!

Anyway, I set up my next appointment and told myself she didn't have to be my friend, she did my hair. Period.

Cris is coming this afternoon and I've got to do a little "bunny run" through the house.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Boring Mimi

Not much to report here for a few days. Evelyn has been delivered back to her mama and dada. Her brother and sister were glad to see her, so were the neighbors.

I'm cleaning today. Rearranging and trying to organize a bit. Tomorrow brings my sister to help me organize more. I'm a terrible pack rat. Always have been. You know, no one knows you quite like your sister. She really must love me to take on my lack of organizational skills.

I'm reading a lot of blogs, but haven't been commenting much for a bit.

My summer is quickly passing; that makes me sad cause I love staying home, but this has been a particularly fun one, but not much work has gotten done. Oh, well, I guess my recuperation from surgery put quite a damper on productivity.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Vacation with Ev is nearing an end...

Saturday morning Rick went golfing and Evelyn and I went to a few garage sales. We picked up a few bargains. That evening we went to dinner at Applebees. Here is Ev and Papa on our way to dinner.

Sunday was sunnier than Saturday and Evelyn got to ride her motorcycle in our driveway. I think I've mentioned it before, but Evie's mom is expecting and due in October. In this picture, our "Motorcycle Ev" has tucked a ball into her shirt!!

I asked for a side view, so here's another pose!

Here's a little video of our darling on her last day of vacation at Mimi and Papa's house.

We are going to miss her when she goes home.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

More exciting news & Evie's 5th day of vacation!

What fun we are having! On our way to the Akron Zoo (while we were in line at McDonald's drive thru for breakfast), we called Evie's mom. Mom is missing her sweet Evie! Anna was on the phone, too, and Mama had her look at a picture book she made for the twins. When she saw my picture and said "Mimi"!!! That was the first time I've heard her say my name!! Kelly said she says "Papa", too, but we'll have to wait to hear that.

Evie ate pancakes and sausage with chocolate milk as we drove to the zoo. We met Nona and Hadley at the zoo. Here's a photo of us when we first arrived. (Papa was taking the picture.)

Here evie is a penguin!

Evie in front of the Lemur.

Condor wings!
Crossing the rope bridge!

Papa and Hadley!
Ev climbing the wallat the jellyfish exhibit!

Riding the zoo train!


Nona, Hadley & Evie!

Mimi, Hadley & Evie!

We had a lot of fun. Ev loved the jellyfish and she has always liked the flamingoes. This visit the flamingoes were showing off...splashing and chasing each other! We saw a swan doing an arabisque! The leopard had babies and they were playing with each other...they were silly! We saw bats...eww!!
After our visit at the zoo, we went to visit Papa's friend, Pete. We had a Coke on the patio and talked for a while. Pete always gives Evie a little something...this time it was $20!
Then we came home, had a little lunch and rested for a bit. Evelyn rested while Mimi and Papa took a little nap. She got to ride her motorcycle and then we met Nona, Todd and Hadley for dinner at Dontinos. Hadley was silly and was showing off her fun side! Evie had a great time playing with Hadley while she had a little pizza.
On the way home, we stopped at the playground and played on the monkey bars, slides and the swings. When we got home we played a game of baseball on the Wii! Then it was time for cuddling, snuggling and a call to Mom and Dad to say goodnight.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A first for Hadley and Evie's 4th day of vacation...

Today we had a first! Hadley took her FIRST steps and they happened from Mimi to Papa!! Three of them! Her mama was standing right there, but she was watching Evelyn and missed them. Not to worry though, because a few minutes later she took a step from Mimi to Mama. Hurray for Hadley!

There was vacation baking today! Nona (Jennifer) came and brought the recipe for a great cake for Evie and her to make. They whipped it up...Evie cracked the eggs...and they popped the cake into the oven. One oil had turned icky, rancid. Of course we didn't know it, so the cake had to go into the garbage. It was a beautiful bundt cake. BAH! My girls had a great time in my kitchen, though...see?

So, Papa and Evie baked a cake!! New oil and all is well! See how much fun they are having??? Add to the fun, Evie got to lick the beaters...see the chocolate face??!

Evie's tucked soundly into bed with visions of visiting the zoo tomorrow. Nightnight!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 3 of Evie's Vacation at Mimi & Papa's house

Wow, what fun day! We were expecting rain, lots of storms, but thankfully the weatherman was a bit off and we got to go to the Daywalt's and Aunt Cris and Uncle Jerry helped Evie ride a horse.

Below on the left is Evie as we arrived and were getting out of the van. On the right is Evie giving Lucky a treat. Lucky is her horse to ride.

The picture below on the left is Natalie Jo, a very friendly horse, but a little too spirited for a six-year-old girl! On the right is Evie, Lucky and Aunt Cris.

Three kids, Evie, Joey and Nathan in the chicken coop. On the right Nathan is holding Henrietta while Evie pets her! We brought home a dozen eggs that the kids gathered!!

After all this, we had dinner at Applebee's. Papa and Evie were silly and teased each other! We had lots of fun!
Maybe tomorrow we'll go to the zoo?

Vacation with Ev, day 2

Day two of Miss Evie's vacation starred a fishing expedition!
After going on a worm-finding hunt with Papa, drinks, tissues, hand wipes, drinks, camera, and assorted necessities were packed and off we went to Kathy and David's house to fish in their lake. Gracie got to go along, too. She had a great time sniffing around and got to get real close to the herd of cattle that's there.
Below are pictures of the day. Kathy, Cris, Joey and Nathan came down to visit with us and have some fun! Evie got to fish, hold worms, pretend to eat a worm and have a great time. Papa was in charge of baiting and removing fish from the hook, of course.

We made plans to go horseback riding later in the day, but Evie's tummy was giving her trouble, so we will have to reschedule.
It's so much fun to have her with us.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Look who's come to visit!

Yep, it's our Evie!!

We picked her up in's halfway between our homes and her mama brought her to meet us! Hugs were exchanged, smiles shared and goodbyes said as the "Vacation Girl" came home with Mimi and Papa for several days.

When we arrived at home, her motorcycle was all charged up and we drew part of a town in the driveway and our "Motorcycle Mama" was racing around the driveway with Gracie chasing after her, barking and being silly, too!

After a bit of that, Evie was ready to tackle a sewing project! We dug into my fleece bin and she chose the fabric you see. The other side is solid red. She loves sewing and we had a great time. Even though it's all safety-pinned together yet, part of the sewing is done. (I reminded her that this wouldn't be a one-day project, we would work on it for a few days.)

A few "Scooby Snacks" and a glass of milk are being enjoyed on her new blanket and that should hold her until dinner. While we were in sewing heaven her tummy was grumbling!!!

Life is good

Ok, ok!! It's now 9:47 a.m. and I'm still in my nightie, sitting with my laptop in my lap, having coffee and doing nothing!

WOW, life can be so good!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Pixie Dust Gather

My contribution to the Pixie Dust Gather is complete. The fabric is beautiful, but the colors are a little "off" in these pictures. I'll see if I can get a better picture of it tomorrow in the sunlight before I send it off to Victoria at Bumble Beans.

I looked around for a block that I liked and found this one, called Cross and Star.